Faculty of Social and Management Sciences

It is a pleasure to welcome you all to this historic Faculty. As you may be aware, this Faculty is among the oldest Faculties in this our great University, a brief history on has been provided in this handbook for your information. I would also like to congratulate you for joining this great Faculty of Social and Management Science that has nurtured and produced eminent personalities. The Faculty has seven department and seven academic programmes, namely; B.Sc. Accounting, Business Admin, Economics, Mass Communication, Political Science and Sociology.
The first step towards understanding a new environment is the study of its physic a: and social settings in order to know how best to adjust and or adapt to its peculiarities We have therefore produced this handbook in order to help both old and fresh students appreciate the way we operate in this Faculty.
Faculty of Social and Management Sciences operate as a family and are strictly guided by the established rules, regulations and procedures contained in this handbook. Every department has a student's association and every student is expected to actively participate in its activities. The Faculty supports and assists the activities of these associations through the office of the Sub-Dean. Students are also encouraged to lodge their complaints and! or suggestions on issues/matters affecting their welfare, security, comfort and academic endeavor through the office of the Sub-Dean.
In this Faculty, as in other faculties of the University, administration is run on committee basis. In other words, all issues are discussed openly, collectively and democratically. Students should feel free to ask for guidance and or assistance from any of the faculty officers.
I wish you all a pleasant and fruitful stay particularly in this Faculty and Bayero University in general.

Thank you

Prof. Aliyu Sulaiman Kantudu, Ph.D, CNA, ACTI, FCMA, CPAN